Thailand is currently the world’s third-largest producer of palm oil.

In the case of Thailand, the production volumes of Thailand may be small compared to that of leading countries, Indonesia and Malaysia. It can sufficiently produce and supply palm oil for the domestic market and export the surplus to its neighbouring countries . The trend of palm oil supply and demand in Thailand is continuously increasing. Several projects were supported by the government to expand oil palm cultivation areas . Its demand increased because the palm oil price is affordable compared to other edible oils and is used as an input to other industries and biodiesel production. High demand for palm oil and greater yield at a lower cost in the production of oil palm makes palm oil industry worthy of attention

The government’s Alternative Energy Development Plan for 2015 – 2036 includes an Oil Palm and Palm Oil Industries Development Strategy 2015 – 2026, which aims to boost palm oil production by improving yields and expanding plantation areas by 50 percent over the next nine years. Ultimately, the strategy aims to increase cultivation of oil palm from 5 million rai (approximately 2 million acres) in 2017, to 7.5 million rai (approximately 3 million acres) in 2026. The 2015-2026 plan also promotes the ASEAN Sustainable Palm Oil (ASPO) standard, as well as the establishment of a permanent organization to drive research and development of the country’s palm oil sector.

There are 137 mills currently operating in the Thailand palm oil industry, producing up to 23 million tons of palm oil each year. Only 2% of the palm oil taken from the mills is sent to the export market. From that figure, 68% is purchased by Malaysia and 12% is purchased by Cambodia.

Our Infrastructure

SGC focuses mainly on the production of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Kernel Palm Oil(CPKO). At Present our company is operating in:

  1. Palm Oil Plantation : Total Area of 3030 Rai (1200 Acres)
  2. Crude Palm Oil Mill : Capacity of 60 Ton of FFB per hour ( 200 – 250 tons of CPO per day )
  3. EFB Treatment : Capacity of 14 tons per hour
  4. Crude palm Kernel oil Mill : Capacity of 100 ton of Palm Kernel per day( 30 – 40 ton of CPKO per day)
  5. Biogas Power Plant : Integrated Power plant of capacity of 2.8MW per hour
  6. Transportation : 12 vehicles of trailer truck (30 tons of CPO/Trailer Truck)

Our Current Future Expansion Plan

  1. At the end of 2019, we have initiated a project for the construction of 7.5MW/5MW Biomass Power Plant and expecting the completion of the project by the end of 2022. This would enable the total electricity production to 7.8MW per hour
  2. To increase the value of our by-product like boiler-ash, sediments, palm fibres etc, we are in process to set up a Bio fertiliser plant with the capacity of 120 ton per day.


Identity Characteristics
Assured Value
Free Fatty Acid (As Palmitic Acid),(% wt)
<= 5.00
Moisture & Volatile Matter(M&V),(%wt)
<= 0.50
Iodine Value (IV),(Wijis)
Deterioration of Bleaching Index (DOBI)
Color (Lovibond 1" Cell)
<=30 Red
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