Health Safety & Environment

GROWTH FOR ALL is our mantra

Our Policy on Health & Safety is clear: we believe it is our collective responsibility to ensure our operations proceed in a safe and healthy environment. That’s achieved by the development of robust health and safety measures. As part of these measures, we provide our entire workforce with safety awareness training, with the goal of protecting employee interests via an objective of zero harm and this policy is further underpinned by an expectation that employees at all levels of the company take personal responsibility for maintaining health and safety protocols. Chief among those protocols are the following:

The provinces where we mine in Thailand and Vietnam are areas of outstanding natural beauty as well as being a site of bountiful natural vegetation in the region. Through its involvement in exploring and extracting materials from among the area’s natural resources, Singh Group understands its responsibility to the local environment and local people. We understand that our business can only grow together with the communities we work in, and the history and development of our company is linked with the communities we serve.

In some locations we are biggest employer in the area and local families and communities depend on our operations if their infrastructure, services, shops and lives are to prosper and grow. Therefore, just as we understand our duty of care to our employees’ health and safety, so too do we accept and acknowledge our obligation to the communities that we serve.

As a result, we have placed sustainability at the heart of our business practices and, along with our sister companies, we have worked hard to build an enviable reputation for investing in environmental protection measures and improving environmental standards in our mining area.

By training all our workers to understand their responsibility to helping develop a sustainable future and by maintaining an open dialogue and collaborating with all parties involved with us, we are striving to improve the industry’s image and reduce its impact on local communities.

Environmental control measures have accounts for a substantial portion of our capital expenditure in recent years, during which time we have implemented and maintained an Environmental Management System that meets all the requirements of ISO 14001:2004. We are fully committed to continuously improving our policy so that we minimise our environmental impact on our surrounding eco-system, it’s natural inhabitants and the local residential communities that we serve.

We work in close cooperation with government authorities including introducing advanced dust extraction systems across all out sites that prevent environmental pollution by dust. We have also totally enclosed all primary, secondary and tertiary crushers, as well as screens, conveyers and product bins, in order to minimize air pollution.

HSE initiatives

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