Our Advantages


At Glex Overseas, we believe for competitive business it is essential to have up to date information about market trends in international markets to stay diversified. Due to first-hand information, we are able to supply our customers with fresh daily information about market trends and changes, which allows us source from the most competitive markets and producers.


Through contracting insurance policies and employing complex logistics services, we mitigate risks associated with the transportation and quality of our products to make sure our customers receive their orders and good quality shape and on time.


We provide a complex set of logistics services due to collaboration with our logistics partners, enabling the timely delivery of our orders to our customers based on contracted Incoterms®. Our team continuously monitors orders and sends periodic updates to our customers about departure, status and arrival of orders.

Through systematic provision of the services above, we source and deliver Agro/Non agro from all over the world to our customers.

Glex Overseas is an international trading company deeply involved in the export and import of a wide range of products include agro and Non agro, building materials, dairy products, leather, Spices, farm products etc. As a company based in India, we are always eager to develop new trading partners by negotiating with Buyers and manufacturers to achieve a common goal.