Our  Leaders

Glex Overseas boasts a dynamic leadership team with extensive industry experience, driving the company's success and commitment to excellence.

Debjit Chakraborty

For more than 20 years, Debjit has been an human resource guy with additional expertise of International business. development and client relationship He was instrumental in launching various products worldwide. Debjit is a hotel management graduate and holds a Master in business administration.

Dr. Chiranjeeb Muduli

After getting a medical degree from VSS Medical college, Sambalpur, Chiranjeeb went on to become the Emergency consultant with renowned corporate hospitals in Kolkata. In 2019, Dr.Chiranjeeb turned into an entrepreneur establishing his own brands into chain of restaurants and trekking. Doctor initiates Glex Overseas to cater to the demand-supply chain worldwide.

Swarup Bhattacharya

Swarup is a cargo and logistics guy, bringing one-stop solutions for all the cargo, warehouse and logistics operations of Glex Overseas. He brings along with extensive exposure in Port clearing agency, Flight operations, Domestic sales and cargo handling & transportation.

Sagar Sen

Sagar facilitates global commodity sourcing and generating international business lines for Glex Overseas. The rich world of international commodity business is at his fingertips . 

Rishav Poddar

Chief Financial Officer
Rishav is a Business Partner, enabling Finance function strategy, scope & design, and sequencing transformation initiatives of Glex Overseas . He leads the company’s financial operations and investment management, including oversight of finance and accounting,  risk management, compliance, and administration.


Our Team

We believe in developing our people through a mix of on-the-job experience, coaching and mentoring and a course offer to improve performance, where the end goal is to build a solid leadership pipeline for the future. Our Development Programs combine real-world experience, job assignments, and mentoring. We help in developing the skills of our people that are crucial to their long-term success.We provide everyone with unlimited opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

Over the years, we have groomed and trained managers in various fields in order to develop, build, and grow the businesses. We have the necessary talent required to achieve growth plans by constantly attracting professionals.

Glex Overseas is an international trading company deeply involved in the export and import of a wide range of products include agro and Non agro, building materials, dairy products, leather, Spices, farm products etc. As a company based in India, we are always eager to develop new trading partners by negotiating with Buyers and manufacturers to achieve a common goal.